True To Our Native Land

PARTNERS WITH African ancestry


“African Ancestry is a company that helps transform the way people view themselves and the way they view Africa!


Founded in 2003 by Dr. Rick Kittles and Gina Paige, African Ancestry is the world leader in tracing maternal and paternal lineages of African descent having helped more than 500,000 people re-connect with the roots of their family tree.

Most companies can only tell you what continent you originated from, but not what country. With the industry’s largest and most comprehensive database of over 30,000 indigenous African samples, African Ancestry determines specific countries and—more often than not—specific ethnic groups of origin with an unrivaled level of detail, accuracy and.confidence. 

African Ancestry is committed to providing a unique service to the black community by working daily to improve the cultural, emotional, physical, spiritual and economic wellbeing of people across the African Diaspora.”


True To Our Native Land

PARTNERS WITH my click urban

“MyClickUrban is the best mobile solution for your urban lifestyle agenda. The app and website is the convenient “go to” destination for people “on the go.” Find and post events for those with urban interests and/or urban lifestyles…via the website and the Apple app (available for all iOS devices).

MyClickUrban (MCU) is as multi-dimensional and broad-minded as its urban users. Since your tastes are not limited, neither is the app and website. The MCU listings include events that you can attend with a date, children, business colleagues, family members, or your closest friends.”

True To Our Native Land

partners with the copy specialist

“Although we’re proud of our products, services, and technology, nothing matches the pride we have in our staff. We learned long ago that we’re really in the business of building relationships. For that reason, we put a premium on hiring only the most qualified individuals to serve on our team and as you can see, we have no customer service department because we believe it’s everyone’s job.

Every person on our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service and producing high-quality finished products and services. As you work with us in the future, we’re confident that you’ll find this to be true.”